For partners


With the help of an affiliate program, you can earn additional passive income by advertising the project
using your referral link. We have 12 referral lines (lvls) available for participate. To receive affiliate income, you should have an active deposit which you can close anytime.

Withdrawals Instant

Instant withdrawal All trade rebates are paid immediately after verification and confirmation without any restrictions. The rebate will occur automatically. From trading and copy trading

Stable partnership

Stable cooperation Our affiliate program encourages the development of long-term partnerships. Including rebate distribution 12 levels deep.

You will receive 3% from referral's deposit instantly & 1.5% every Saturday from referral's active deposit. We recommend use autorefback option for Saturdays commissions.
3$ level 1-5 Except Saturday and Sunday
1$ level 6-8
0.5$ level 9-12

How to make money
on the affiliate program

  1. Register account

    Complete a simple and quick registration procedure that takes no more than a minute. You must be over 18 years old and we do not collect confidential data.
  2. Share the link

    After log in, you will get your personal referral link with which you can advertise the project and earn passive income.
  3. Get income

    After your referrals created deposits, you will immediately got the referral commissions from them. In addition, you will receive from lvl 1. referrals 1.5% every Saturday.

Terms of the
affiliate program

  • Our affiliate program has 12 levels and is paid only from the referral's deposit amount. To join the referral program You should have an active deposit that you can close and return to your wallet at any time.
  • 1 level Referral The program has a dual recognition system. You will receive 3 $ immediately after the trade of 5 referral levels, 1 $ for levels 6-8 and 0.5 levels 9-12, excluding Saturdays and Sundays from the number of referrals. Trade It depends on his active trading system. You can use the auto-reply feature for your 12-level references and make interacting with your team much easier.