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About Cashback Fintech Group

organized by a group of experienced Gold CFD traders with more than 10 years of experience in the trading industry. OTC .We have developed the most unique and profitable trading strategies. This gives our team the confidence to book the highest return on our investment in any market situation.
We are facilitating investors all over the world to use our trading system. This allows us to reserve more trading positions. and vice versa It can bring more profits. To ensure that you will receive stable returns. which we can share the rebate value Daily stable calculations with our investors easily! Earning money with us is easy and convenient!Just get started. Copy trades from MasterTrade on your preferred trading plan and forget everything!Our trading team will use your funds in our OTC trading

  • Withdrawals: instant
  • Principal return: at any time
  • Period: for 15 business days
  • Return fee: 10%
  • Crypto: float

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Who we are

Our company is engaged in the development, testing and management of an automatic trading system using artificial intelligence.
Thanks to our latest trading approaches, we are rapidly developing our capacities and increasing our presence in crypto trading.
With the help of external investments, we will be able to develop potential of our company many times faster and achieve more success together with you.

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